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Who We Are...


                                                                                                         Florence Center for Contemporary Music,Inc.,  is a 501(c)                                                                                                          (3) non-profit music organization.

                                                                                                         FCCM,Inc. exists to foster the creation, performance, and                                                                                                          publication of contemporary American music through                                                                                                                private instruction, group ensemble experiences, audio                                                                                                            and video production and start-up workspace for                                                                                                                        entrepreneurs entering the music and media production                                                                                                          fields.


                                                                                                         FCCM,Inc. will offer instruction to individuals of all ages                                                                                                              in woodwind, brass, percussion and strings (orchestral                                                                                                              group), and guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, drum set and                                                                                                           vocal (combo group). Students who desire to learn the performance demands of an organized band (rock band, jazz band, etc.) will have the opportunity to rehearse  with such a group, manage , book and promote the group and to perform in public.


FCCM will provide an in-house performance venue. This fully equipped sound stage will be complete with lighting, sound reinforcement, instruments and recording capabilities for all students to utilize. FCCM’s Concert Series and semi-annual recitals featuring FCCM students, faculty, and guest artist will be held in this venue and open to public attendance.

FCCM will also host seminars and workshops with working professionals involved in the various aspects of performance, song writing, concert promotion/management, and recording/sound reinforcement.


Our Story...

What started as a dream several years ago finally turned into a reality on

April 15, 2019 when The Florence Center For Contemporary Music, Inc. (FCCM)

came to life as a 501c3 non -profit corporation in the State of South Carolina. 

I’ve spent the last fifty two years, since seventh grade Junior High School,

in some way involved with music. High School Band, College Music Major,

Public School and Private Studio teaching, Symphony, Theater, New York,

Nashville, traveling on the road, recording and directing.  I feel like I’ve done it all.  

And while there have been many great opportunities, the desire has always

been to be able to share those experiences, those joys, that excitement, those

ups and downs, to pass these on to others who love music as much as I do.

FCCM was formed out of this desire. An opportunity to give back, to prepare, to assist other artist in fulfilling their musical dreams. But there is also the desire to help others participate in music, to actively make music.  Those who are older but still want that musical experience, those who may be disabled and think that making music is out of their reach, those who may not have the economic or social opportunities but still have the desire. Music is  a life changer, a community builder and a social force that brings people together from all cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds.  Music heals the mind, body and spirit.  The great jazz drummer Art Blakey said that “ Music washes away the dust of life”. If that be so, then we all can use a little washin’!

The Florence Center for Contemporary Music,Inc. is committed to sustaining the arts in the Pee Dee region, to provide high quality instruction in all phases of our mission, and to enhance the lives of all people through music. 

The Florence Center for Contemporary Music ,Inc. is a 501c3 non- profit organization. We are sustained primarially by grants, your financial and material donations, and through fund raising concerts and events. All donations are tax-exempt and are greatly appreciated. If you would like to help please contact us at 

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