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Individualized Instruction....

Florence Center for Contemporary Music offers the highest quality individualized instruction to students of all ages utilizing instructors who are actively involved in the area's professional music community.   All students are evaluated as to their ability and proficiency level and then matched with an instructor that best suits their needs.  


Instruction will be offered in:

The Orchestral Group-







The Combo Group-





Drum Set 


For more information on Individualized Instruction, contact us at


Bands and Ensembles....

FCCM believes that the musical ensemble is at the heart of the performers journey.  Playing in an ensemble reinforces what you are learning in individual study, helps in applying those concepts and techniques within a group setting and provides motivation for improving your musical skills. Playing in a band or ensemble can also aid in developing those necessary character builders such as teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, determination and camaraderie. Working with others towards a common goal or purpose is an ability that applies throughout life and will help you succeed in whatever you do.

Students in the FCCM program will be given the opportunity to rehearse and perform in a variety of ensembles dependent on the students musical abilities and desires.  From classical quartets to jazz and rock bands, groups will be formed to meet each students needs.   

For more information on our Bands and Ensembles, contact us at

Resident Artist Program....

The Resident Artist Program serves as a point of connection for professional performers, individuals, students, educational entities, and communities.  We believe a vibrant arts community is a vital link to the social, cultural and economic development of our communities, and are committed to providing the opportunities and resources necessary for the arts to thrive, now and in the future.

The Florence Area Big Band is the first to be a part of this program. Comprised of eighteen members in the traditional jazz big band setting , the band is available for concerts, festivals, workshops, and other community and educational events. Versed in many genres and with a variety of performance experiences, the  members serve as mentors and instructors for up and coming students.  



PeeDee Drums and Percussion

Group recreational drumming for all, regardless of age or musical ability. Our groups, comprised of participants from the host site in addition to FCCM facilitators, provide an experience that promotes the well being, unity and social interaction of all individuals involved.  

For more information about our lessons, bands and ensembles, The Florence Area Big Band or PeeDee Drums and Percussion contact us at 

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